2019 MTSEF Dates and Forms

The dates for the 2019 Middle Tennessee Science and Engineering Fair are set:

MTSEF Mar 8-9, 2019
IRB pre-approval deadline Nov 30, 2018
SRC pre-approval deadline Jan 4, 2019
Entry Form Due Date Feb 8, 2019
Award Ceremony Apr 2, 2019

Forms can be found here.

Please direct all questions to info@mtsef.org.



The Art of Science Fair Presentations

New to science fairs? Our own Dr. Ron Robertson created a guide to help students learn how to communicate their science fair project effectively and efficiently.

Sience Fair Made Simple.png

MTSEF at 2018 NTC Analytics Summit

Several of our MTSEF participants were invited to present their science fair projects at the 2018 NTC Analytics Summit held on August 20-21 in Nashville, Tennessee. Congratulations Aylor Jake Huneycutt, Gillian Castro, Makenna Reilly, Gabrielle Kaili-May Liu, and Samantha Richardson!



MTSEF Participant is Recipient of SS&P Community Innovation Award

Can domestic violence be prevented? Gabrielle Kaili-May Liu, a high school student and MTSEF participant, believes so — through technological means. Her technology was selected for recognition as a Society for Science & the Public Community Innovation Award winner. This award honors students participating in science fairs around the world who are making a difference in their communities. In 2018, the Society rewarded 20 young scientists — and Gabrielle was one of them.


Congratulations to 2018 ISEF Winners

Please join us in congratulating Aylor Jake Huneycutt and Gabrielle Kaili-May Liu for representing MTSEF well at the 2018 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair held in Pittsburgh, PA this past May 13-18. Aylor won an award from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and Gabrielle won awards from the Acoustic Society of America (ASA) and the Samvid Education Foundation. This is the first time that both of our participants won awards at ISEF. Well done!


2018 MTSEF Registration Form Now Available

Please download this interactive form on the Forms page, checking to see which additional forms may be required, i.e. preapproval forms for human subject or vertebrate subject research.

We look forward to receiving your entry forms!MTSEF-logo-png

Need Help Organizing a School Fair?

Part of our mission is to assist middle and high schools in organizing science fairs in the 24 counties served by MTSEF. If you are a teacher or administrator and have questions or need assistance on how to organize your school fair, please contact John at support@mtsef.org. If you are a student or parent and want to help your school start a science fair, please ask your teacher or administrator to contact us at support@mtsef.org and we hope to get the process started!

Our own Steve Murphree, Biology professor and Entomologist, hosts Bug Camp at Belmont University

If you can’t tell the difference between a camel cricket and a brown banded cockroach, you should attend Belmont’s Bug Camp. Children who take part in the camp have never met a bug they didn’t love. “Her name is Mirtha and it’s a giant Madagascar hissing cockroach,” said Dr. Steve Murphree, an entomology professor at Belmont University. At the Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies Camp, a cockroach’s hiss is as sweet as a kiss. “She’s a great pet, not too bad, and she’s easy to take care of. She’s a nice cockroach,” Murphree said. Murphree is Belmont’s bug guy. He has been an educator for 25 years. His message that bugs aren’t bad is working, especially with kids. “Like teenaged mutant turtles, these are actually creatures that do unusual things,” he said.

WSMV Channel 4 News Story

2017 MTSEF Grand Prize Winner Finalists at Intel ISEF in Los Angeles

Both Gabrielle Liu and Cheyenne Deibert represented MTSEF well at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in Los Angeles.  Gabrielle’s project was “ARGO: Anthromorphic Facial Emotion Recognition and Generation Objective through MachineLearning” and Cheyenne’s was “The Effect of Circulation Rate on Bacteria within Library Books”. Though neither finalist won awards in their categories or special awards, both participated in the week’s programs and activities.  Cheyenne was interviewed about her project by the Society for Science and the Public’s Science News for Students.  You can read this interview at: https://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/blog/eureka-lab/library-books-could-come-side-germs