Rule Changes

8Summary of Rule Changes for the 2017 MTSEF

SRC and IRB pre-approvals – Projects requiring pre-approval CAN NOT be conducted until approval is received from the SRC or IRB.

      • Are you unsure if your project will require pre-approval?  Check the
        Rules Wizard
      • SRC meets monthly.  Final project pre-approval submission deadline is Friday, January 5, 2018
      • IRB meets as projects are submitted for pre-approval.  Final project pre-approval submission deadline is Thursday, November 30, 2017
      • Check International Rules for changes HERE

Notable changes noted from ISEF 2018

  • General Clarifications 
    •  There has been changes to Form 1 mostly to increase awareness of
      fact that testing inventions, etc. most likely will require a
      completed form 4 (Human Subjects)
    • There have been changes to the research plan – all projects must have a Research Plan and/or Project Summary; clarifications of when Research Plan, Addendums, and/or Project Summary are required
    • Form 6A – dates are required for QS and SRC signatures
  • Human Participant Clarifications (See Rules for complete descriptions of criteria) 
    • Rules have been modified related to the expedited review process
    • All human subjects are considered to have some level of risk
  • Vertebrate Animals 
    • There has been a clarification regarding required IACUC documentation
    • There has been a clarification regarding toxic studies
  • PHBA’s 
    • There has been a clarification about genome editing
    • There has been a clarification about non-native species
    • See this link for summary of these rule changes for 2017-18.

Middle School Limitations

  • The goal of the fair is to allow all project entries from grades 9-12 and the best from grades 6-8.
  • Each grade 6-8 school will be allowed at least 3 entries per grade.
  • Schools submitting winning 1st, 2nd, or 3rd category awards in the previous year’s fair will be allowed additional entries.
  • The formula is (3 x Category Awards in grade in previous fair  + 1) x 2 = allowed entries in that grade for present fair.
  • Schools receiving additional entries for 2018 are APL Science, Bellevue Middle, Cameron: A Lead Public School, Cascade School, Faith Home School Tutorial, and Haynes Middle School.
  • For these schools, the total entries allowed for these schools for 2018 fair will be:
    • APL Science = 8 in 6th, 3 in 7th, 8 in 8th
    • Bellevue Middle School = 8 in 6th, 8 in 7th, 3 in 8th
    • Cameron: A Lead Public School = 14 in 6th
    • Cameron: College Prep = 3 in 6th, 3 in 7th, 8 in 8th
    • Cascade School = 3 in 6th, 8 in 7th, 8 in 8th
    • Faith Home School Tutorial = 3 in 6th, 20 in 7th, 8 in 8th
    • Haynes Middle School = 8 in 6th, 3 in 7th, 3 in 8th
  • Middle Schools will have to validate their entries with the signature of a certifying official. This can be the school science fair coordinator or an administrator. Middle Schools are encouraged to have qualifying school fairs to determine their entries. Middle School Certification form